Etymology of the House of Simic

The Slav surname Simic is of patronymic origin, deriving from the personal name of the father of the initial bearer. In this instance, the surname Simic derives from "Simon", from the Hebrew personal name "Shim'on", and the Slavic patronymic suffix "-ic, ich" denoting "son or descendant of". Therefore, the surname Simic signifies "son or descendant of Simon". The personal name "Shim'on" derives from the Hebrew verb "sham'a" which signifies "to hearken. In the Vulgate and in many vernacular versions of the Old Testament, the name is usually rendered as "Simeon". In the New Testament, however, the name is normally rendered "Simon", partly as a result of association with the pre-existing Greek byname "Simon" from "simos" which means "snub-nosed". The name Simeon was very popular because its association with the apostle Simon Peter, brother of Andrew. Among the very numerous variants of the surname Simic are Simich, Sima, Simak, Simo, Simka and Simko.
            References to the surname Simic or to its variants include a record of a noble South Slav family named Simic. This family was enobled by the Empress Maria Theresa in the person of Simon Simic, who held the rank of captain in the Habsburg regiment stationed at the border (Krajina). The Emperor Franz Josef granted the Austro-Hungarian status of nobility to one Stefan Simic for his military services in twenty four battles, in Vienna, on January 12th, 1853.  In 1897 the same Emperor granted the Austro-Hungarian nobility to Ignatz Simic, who held the positions of Royal Chancellor and Minister of Finances, and to his children Oskar, Vladimir, Anton, Olga and Danijela.

BLAZON OF ARMS:   Per fess; first gules, a dexter arm in armor argent, embowed and couped,
           holding a saber of the same, garnished or, placed between in chief two stars
           or; second per pale: (a) or, issuing from the partition an eagle displayed
           sable; (b) azure, a lion rampant or.
CREST:           Between a vol per fess, 1st argent and gules, 2nd azure and or, the arms of the
ORIGIN:                South Slavs.